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The Biz4Good Podcast

Episode 60 - What Makes You
Different Makes You Powerful

Click the video below to watch Julie as a guest on the Biz4Good podcast.  She speaks about the drive behind what she does, the message she spreads, and the moral of her book "Broccolipunzle".


Lisa's Passion for Popcorn

Episode 34 - The Pop Shop Show

Watch Julie Lee as a guest on The Pop Shop Show!  She talks about her book, self-acceptance, and the message she is spreading all over schools in Utah.  

Presentation Reviews

Reviews from Clients

"Thank you Julie Lee for coming and talking to my students about self acceptance and about anti-bullying. The kids loved it and were so engaged in the conversation. You taught them to find their gift and I’ve had several of my students already come up to me and tell me what their gift is to the world! Thank you again for coming and speaking with or after school program!!"

-Kirsten Tholen (After School Program Coordinator)


"Julie was absolutely wonderful with our fifth graders. The message that she shared with them was exactly what they needed to hear and her book is so great! She was able to capture the students' interest and keep it through the visit. If you are looking for a guest speaker Julie is definitely your gal!"

-Kandra Wadsworth (Teacher)


"Julie you did an amazing job on motivating our Young Women group to love who we are and that we need to talk nice to ourselves! I truly felt so uplifted and had more self love for myself! Thank you so much for your words and love!"

-Whitney Bartholomew (Youth Leader)


"My students were mesmerized. They loved hearing what lead up to the writing of this book and also being able to think about their own superpowers. The icing on the cake was the story itself. It was a great reminder of the gifts that each of us have to offer. Julie, thanks for sharing your gifts with us."

-Carolyn Brooks (Teacher)


"Julie did an awesome presentation about self worth for our youth group. She relates so well to teenagers! We all left feeling a little brighter and stronger, and I know I wasn't the only one who needed to hear the message that she shared. ♥️"

-Jessika Chandler (Youth Leader)


"Julie was amazing with my fifth graders. Her message of self-acceptance and believing in yourself is exactly what my students needed to hear. Her book is adorable and fun!"

-Sarah Wilson (Teacher)


Amazon Book Reviews

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