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Episode 17: Thank You, For Showing Up

We know something about pain.

In a special Thanksgiving, extended episode, we celebrate by reflecting on how we have tried to show up for each other as sisters and women.

Join the hilarious and heart-breaking conversation with myself and 6 women in my family whom I get to call sisters, sisters in law, and my mom.

Life is good. Life is hard. But when we show up for each other, burdens are lightened and miracles are created.

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Episode 14: At WAR With Our Bodies with Ganel-Lyn Condie

Suicide. Body Hatred. How did we get here?

Ganel-Lyn Condie and I discuss these complex issues that affect us all. Her message is clear.




Your body is a gift, not a weapon. Tell yourself that today and everyday.

Ganel-Lyn’s Website

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Episode 13: She Almost Died Trying; a Story of Infertility

Deirdre has experienced a lot of life, the good and the bad. She joins me today to share just one chapter of her story, her years of infertility procedures and adoption. She gives us the details you don’t get most places, because she and I both know WE NEED TO START TALKING ABOUT IT.

Infertility can be killing someone inside, and that’s no okay with us. We are better and we are stronger together. Let’s have a conversation.

Don’t miss a Halloween prank at the end of the episode.

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Episode 12 Authentic Ugly Crying; I Just Want a Baby

It's easy to be authentic AFTER we get through a heartbreak. But being authentic during it, just might be what we need to survive it.

Years of infertility just about broke me, and it's okay. Because it's okay to feel pain, to feel anger-just make sure you share it with someone you trust. And no matter what, stay YOU.

Picture by Stephanie Purcell Photography

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